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Comprehensive cosmetic dentistry

Comprehensive cosmetic dentistry Świnoujście

Teeth whitening, restoration and correction of tooth shape

Beautiful and bright white smile is synonymous with health and professional success. Unsatisfactory natural shade or tooth discolouration caused by drinking coffee, tea, antibiotic treatments, and smoking tobacco limit the self-confidence of many persons. Modern teeth whitening solves this problem quickly and safely giving teeth a deep white colour and giving Patients well-being and attractive appearance.


Tray-based teeth whitening


Cezardent Dental Surgery offers its Patients a teeth whitening treatment with a completely safe and highly effective tray-based method with using Opalescence. Its efficiency is as high as 90%, the duration of the whole process is just 7?14 days, and the excellent whitening effect are visible for many years. Choose tray-based whitening in Cezardent and enjoy an immaculately beautiful smile.


How is the tray-based whitening procedure performed?

During the first visit at Cezardent Dental Surgery, we make patient's teeth impressions based on which we prepare special plastic rails made of a durable material with excellent plastic properties. During the next visit, the attending physician will give all the necessary information and instructions on the use of trays and provide the patient with a special whitening gel. The plastic rails are placed on teeth for the night once they've been coated with the product received from the doctor.


Tray-based whitening ? recommendations

Note that the Opalescence whitening gel used in the tray-based method changes only the hue of the teeth, and it cannot change the colour of fillings or crowns. We recommend that you first perform the whitening treatment, and then finish the treatment process by matching composite fillings, veneers, or crowns.

Experts in Cezardent Surgery recommend the use of the so-called white diet consisting in reducing drinking beverages that cause stains (coffee, tea, dark soft drinks, red wine) both during and after the whitening treatment. It is also inadvisable to smoke cigarettes.

Tray-based whitening in Cezardent Dental Surgery guarantees a beautiful smile for many years!


Whitening nonvital, discoloured teeth

Whitening using the special, advanced Opalescence gel is applicable also in the case of discolourations on nonvital teeth that were earlier subject to root canal treatment. However, the whitening treatment can be begun only after another endodontic treatment, in which old filling material is removed and the canal is thoroughly cleaned. Then the process of whitening can be begun: during 2?4 visits at the Surgery, a whitening agent is applied on the tooth until a satisfactory shade of hte nonvital tooth is achieved. In the final phase of treatment, the nonvital tooth is filled again with a composite material in a colour carefully selected for the whitened shade of hard tissue.


Cosmetic restoration of teeth and correction of their shape 

Cezardent Dental Surgery also specialises in performing procedures on the border of prosthetics and conservative dentistry, aimed at the cosmetic tooth restoration. Correction of the anatomical structure of a tooth is usually done in the case of:

  • partial or complete absence of enamel,

  • a chipped tooth,

  • diastema (excessive gaps between teeth)

  • cone-shaped teeth.

Gaps between teeth (diastema) or deviations from the anatomical structure of teeth often cause many complexes. In Cezardent Dental Surgery we offer optimal methods of restructuring and correcting the shape of teeth, guaranteeing excellent and durable visual effects.

The method of treatment is adapted to each Patient individually, depending on the case; most often teeth are restructured or corrected using veneers, dental crowns, or composite fillings.

Come to Cezardent Dental Surgery for an impeccable smile