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Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry ? prevention and comprehensive treatment


Say goodbye to tooth decay ? enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile



  • Conservative dentistry is a field including prevention and the treatment of diseases caused by caries. The primary objective is to maintain the natural teeth in the best possible condition by preventing disease development or administering treatment with the use appropriate procedures to restore proper structure and natural functions of teeth.

  • In Cezardent Dental Surgery we guide you through all stages of conservative treatment: from removing cerious spots and treating cavities of the hard tooth parts, to specialist endodontic procedures commonly called root canal treatment.

  • Our experts carefully diagnose the degree of development of caries, provide a comprehensive step-by-step treatment plan and then perfectly perform a procedure that brings back your beautiful and healthy smile.

Treatment under local anaesthesia

  • Nobody likes to go to the doctor, a visit to a specialist is always associated with a certain level of stress and anxiety. Fear of the dentist is further intensified by the fact that many patients associate dentists with pain and the sound of the drill. W gabinecie dentystycznym Cezardent możesz leczyć swoje zęby bez bólu, dzięki zastosowaniu najnowocześniejszych środków znieczulających.

  • Our specialists will further care for your mental calmness: before beginning procedure your doctor will talk with you to dispel all doubts and provide a step-by-step description of the course of the visit.

Treatment of dental caries

Caries is a disease of teeth occurring in almost every person. Every day, our teeth are attacked by bacteria that grow in the mouth mainly due to consuming large amounts of products containing sugar. If black spots appear on the teeth, it may be the first signs of caries and mean we should quickly make an appointment for a visit to the dentist.

Caries ? how do we treat it?

Treatment of caries is a process of thorough cleaning of tooth tissues attacked by bacteria. When the infected areas of a tooth are removed, the cavity must be filled with a special dental material.

In Cezardent Dental Surgery we will remove carious lesions quickly, thoroughly, and most of all painlessly. To guarantee a high quality of our services, we use proven components and preparations of leading manufacturers and trusted by dentists around the world for fillings.

Caries treatment - benefits:

  • effective prevention,

  • fast and effective treatment,

  • minimised risk of more serious medical conditions,

  • preventing the stresses of frequent visits to the dentist,

  • beautiful and healthy teeth for many years.

Root canal treatment ? endodontics (h3, czysta fraza, sł. kluczowe)

  • Very often patients show up at the dentist only when a tooth starts to hurt very much. Unfortunately, in many cases it appears that so far caries proceeded without symptoms, a bacterial infection is so advanced that it already attacked the soft tissue hidden deeper (the pulp).

  • Patients wishing to quickly eliminate the pain and discomfort often decide to remove the tooth, but we recommend performing root canal treatment in such cases to maintain natural teeth as long as possible.


  • Cezadrent Surgery offers professional and painless treatment of root canals with the use of a microscope and specialist endodontic equipment that guarantee top precision and efficiency of the procedure.

  • Thanks to advanced endodontic procedures, usually root canal treatment is done during ONE VISIT. For details go to

Root canal treatment ? treatment process

Damage to dental pulp is, unfortunately, irreversible and that is why it is so important to remove adverse changes in deep layers of the tooth as quickly as possible. Root canal treatment consists in thorough cleaning and widening of canals and precisely filling and sealing them.

Root canal treatment - benefits:

  • preservation of the natural tooth

  • fewer future visits to the dentist,

  • minimised risk of re-infection,

  • minimised risk of strong pain,

  • preventing the stresses of frequent visits to the dentist,

  • beautiful and healthy teeth for many years.

Repeated root canal treatment (Reendo) 

  • finding root canal orifices,

  • clearing obliterations,

  • treatment in the case of incomplete canal filling,

  • broken tools in the canal,

  • perforations,

  • we perform work ordered by other dentists,

  • we perform all types of reconstruction on endodontically treated teeth (inlay, onlay, overlay, crown-root inlays, fibreglass, prosthetic crowns).

modern fills

  • In Cezardent Dental Surgery we focus on the high quality of services. Therefore, during the process of treatment of all stages of caries, we use only the best products from reputable companies, recommended and tested by the most trusted Dental Associations in Poland.

  • The composite materials we use are available in many shades, so we can match them perfectly to the natural colour of the treated tooth. And most importantly, they are very durable and reliable, and they fulfil their role perfectly for at least several years.

Come for consultation and for a healthy and beautiful smile.