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Dental surgery

Professional dental surgery

Painless dental surgery

Dental surgery is a very important but very difficult area of dental services, dealing with surgery of the mouth and the surrounding area. Where in other areas of dentistry you can not find the proper solution to the problem, the field of surgery helps, bringing comfort, soothing them and improving the condition of the oral cavity. It also supports other branches of dentistry, particularly endodontics, prosthetics, and implantology.

Cezardent Dental Surgery employs only the best specialists in the field of surgery, whose work aided by modern and advanced diagnostic equipment, brings really amazing results and Patients' satisfaction. Most importantly, all procedures are performed under local anaesthesia or in difficult cases, with the use of inhalation sedation, so you can guarantee that the treatment will be 100% painless and safe.

Cezardent performs a range of advanced surgical procedures, among which the following are worth mentioning: removal of teeth and eights, hemisection, resection, and chiselling.

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Extraction of teeth

In Cezardent Dental Surgery we specialise in atraumatic tooth extraction, ie extraction with as little violation of the tissue surrounding the tooth as possible. This can be achieved with the use of modern, specialist microsurgical instruments guaranteeing precision and accuracy. Using the atraumatic technique is particularly important in Patients beginning the process of prosthetic or implantological treatment, since extraction done this way eliminates additional procedures performed to rebuild bone. Tooth extraction do not cause any discomfort to the Patient, as they are painless with modern anaesthesia.

Extraction of wisdom teeth

In Cezardent Dental Surgery we also help Patients who suffer from erupting and painful third molars. Very often they face the dilemma whether the painful tooth should be extracted or maintained. Of course, if the tooth is growing normally, you should be patient and wait out the unpleasant eruption of the third molar. However, if the tooth is not located normally and it cannot erupt, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible and opt for surgical extraction. Caring for the comfort and safety of our patients, in Cezardent we perform the treatment quickly, efficiently, and painlessly.

We are the only surgery in Świnoujście that treats difficult cases of the so-called retention of a tooth, which regards a tooth usually laid across and completely or partially remaining in the maxilla or the mandible.


Hemisection is a procedure of removing part of the crown and root within one multi-rooted molar tooth. With such procedures, the healthy part of the tooth is maintained, and it is subsequently subjected to prosthetic reconstruction.

The cause of irreversible changes in the structure of one root are: fractures of the root and crown of a tooth, advanced caries or failed endodontic treatment. In Cezardent Dental Surgery, we will perfom hemisection professionally and accurately.

Resection of the apex of tooth root

Resection is performed when complications occur following root canal treatment and they cannot be eliminated with repeated endodontic treatment. It consists in removing a fragment of the apex of tooth root, thereby removing the untreated and not filled part of the canal that is the cause of the inflammation. In order to seal and secure the end of the canal, the dentist fills it backwards and closes with a special cement (MTA).

Surgical crown lengthening

Cezardent Dental Surgery offers also the procedure of surgical crown lengthening. It is a medical procedure used for teeth heavily damaged below the gum line, that cannot be rebuilt using prosthetic components. As a result, the procedure reduces the possibility of gum irritation and allows for stable and reliable fixation of the prosthetic restoration.

Surgical procedures assisting implantology

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a field that also supports other areas of dental treatment, especially implantology. We suggest the following as procedures preparatory for implantological treatment:

  • Raising the bottom of the maxillary antrum

  • Guided bone regeneration

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