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Professional endodontics at the highest level

Root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) is our specialty. We perform procedures perfectly, preceding them with thorough X-ray diagnostics. During treatment, we use a microscope, which is necessary for tracing canals and enables accurate and precise cleaning and filling of root canals. At the end of the entire process of treatment, we repeat X-rays to ensure that the procedure was performed optimally.

Successful root canal treatment will protect you from tooth extraction, eliminate pain and make you feel well.

What exactly is endodontics?

Endodontics is a narrow field of dentistry dealing with the treatment of pulpitis. There can be many causes of infection in the deeper layers of the tooth, but the most common source of the problem is long-untreated caries. Endodontic treatment, commonly known as root canal treatment, consists in removing the pulp in root canals and tooth chamber that is affected by caries and then preparing and filling the canals very precisely, tightly and durably.

How is root canal (endodontic) treatment performed?

  • Stage I ? devitalising the tooth

In Cezardent Dental Surgery, we begin the procedure of root canal treatment from devitalising the tooth. We do it in two ways:

  • extirpation of the pulp ? a procedure performed under local anaesthesia consisting in the removal of the nerve from the root,

  • placing a devitalising dressing ? a procedure relatively rarely used by dentists; it consists in placing a special dressing directly on tooth pulp; the procedure is also performed in local anaesthesia.

  • Stage II ? measurement of canal length

Before proceeding to the proper endodontic treatment, we perform advanced diagnostics aimed at establishing the working length of the root canal to be treated. Such precise measurements can be obtained by using a modern electronic Root ZX endometer by the Japanese company Morita ? the measuring tool most commonly used and recommended by many endodontists.

  • Stage III ? proper root canal treatment

Next we begin the proper root canal treatment involving chemical and mechanical widening, thorough cleaning, and preparation of the infected canal. In Cezardent Dental Surgery we use only top quality canal tools and specialist cleaning and disinfecting agents (eg sodium hypochlorite). The final step, closing the whole process of treatment, is tight filling of the canal on the entire length with a special, plastic material: gutta-percha. Its task is to close the gap precisely and permanently as well as securing against the development of another inflammation.

Endodontic treatment under the microscope

In Cezardent Dental Surgery we will handle even the most complicated cases of diseases of dental pulp. We guarantee precision and accuracy in every second of the procedure, even if we must work in a very limited working field due to specific tooth anatomy. We are assisted by high quality, state-of-the-art equipment:

  • LEICA M 300 microscope ? using this microscope our dentists can work in comfortable conditions and have a full, perfectly magnified image of tooth root canals;

  • LED surgical magnifying glass ? used in cases requiring less magnification; magnifies the working field several times and is equipped with state-of-the-art source of LED light that follows the operator's eyes.

The use of such specialised and precise equipment gives our Patients a guarantee of accurate, durable, and final root canal treatment ? this is especially important in cases of repeated clearing and filling of a root canal.

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How long does root canal take?

With the great experience of our professionals and the use of state-of-the-art and precise endodontic instruments, in most cases we are able to carry out the whole process of root canal treatment in one visit. This is a modern method of endodontic treatment used widely around the world. The basis of these procedures is the awareness that the shorter the duration of the treatment, the better the quality and effects.

High-end diagnostic x-ray

Short healing time and excellent results can be achieved only with the use of specialist technology. Cezardent Dental Surgery is equipped with the latest digital diagnostic tools by TROPHY, which allow to obtain extremely precise and accurate X-ray images.Usually this equipment is used after canal filling to verify the effectiveness of treatment. If necessary, it is also used before and during endodontic treatment.

Endodontic treatment ? prognosis

In many cases, root canal treatment saves the Patient from tooth loss, so that they can enjoy a healthy and complete smile for many years. Note, however, that as a result of treatment the tooth becomes nonvital, making it more susceptible to eg fractures. In such cases, prosthetic solutions should be considered:

? composite reconstruction with glass fiber

? inlay

? onlay

? prosthetic crown (porcelain or zirconic)

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