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Prosthetic services

In our surgery, we restore a beautiful smile, natural look, and self-confidence

A beautiful smile and healthy teeth are a real treasure. Each of us wants to look natural, feel confident in any situation, and enjoy the taste of their favourite foods while eating. In the life of every person, however, comes a moment when their teeth become weaker, they no longer fulfill their function, and they 'retire'.

In Cezardent Dental Surgery we provide comprehensive prosthetic services and treatment that will make you feel comfortable again. Our experienced team of professionals will offer the optimal solution for your specific budget and your personal preference.

We provide:

  • reasonable prices,

  • a full range of top level prosthetic services,

  • express dentures, crowns, and bridges, implant prosthetics,

  • comprehensive care.

In Cezardent Dental Surgery we offer:

  • acrylic dentures

  • cast partial dentures

  • complete dentures

  • crown-root inlays

  • inlays

  • onlays

  • metal-porcelain crowns

  • composite veneers

  • ceramic veneers

  • gold-porcelain crowns

  • zirconium-porcelain crowns

  • Prettau zirconia crowns

  • composite crowns

  • telescopic dentures

  • dentures on catches

  • crowns on implants

  • bridges on implants

  • telescopic dentures on implants

  • locator dentures on implants

Here are detailed descriptions of our comprehensive offer

Prosthetic crowns

  • A prosthetic crown is an ideal solution for people whose teeth are badly damaged due to advanced caries, many composite restorations or mechanical damage. The use of crowns allows for a quick restoration of a lost or broken tooth or its durable reinforcement.

  • A prosthetic crown is a form of a cap restoring the stroma of tooth crown. It is always done with highly durable, tested materials, which makes the tooth stronger and no different visually from healthy teeth. To embed a prosthetic crown well, the tooth on which it will be placed needs to be ground thoroughly.

  • Bearing in mind the comfort and well-being of our Patients, the procedure of embedding prosthetic crowns is performed under local anaesthesia in Cezardent Dental Surgery.


  • An unquestionable advantage of prosthetic crowns is that Patients quickly adapt to this type of prosthetic restoration and almost immediately feel the same comfort of use as with natural teeth.

  • Depending on the problem with which the Patient reports, we use all commercially available types of crowns for treatment: from porcelain and composite to all-ceramin zircon. The latter is especially recommended because of its durability and safety (tests have shown that all-ceramic crowns do not cause any irritation, sensitisation, or allergic reactions).

How soon?

  • In Cezardent Dental Surgery, we will prepare a crown for you and carry out the entira process of prosthetic treatment even within a week.


You need only 3 steps to achieve beautiful and healthy teeth:


  • stage I: diagnostic testing and determining the details of the treatment

  • stage II: grinding of the tooth, making an impression and a temporary crown

  • stage III: trying on a new crown and cementing it.

Prosthetic bridges

  • A prosthetic bridge is mostly recommended for all Patients with missing teeth. However, it can be used only if there are other teeth next to the defect, needed to support the entire prosthetic construction. The decision on the applicability of such a solution may only be taken during a specialist consultation visit.

  • A bridge is a permanent denture, meaning the Patient cannot remove it.


Using a prosthetic bridge:

  • we avoid the risk of tooth movement,

  • we restore correct bite,

  • we provide natural look and self-confidence.

How soon?

  • In our Surgery, the entire treatment including the preparation of the bridge is carried out within a week!

  • At present, implants can be used instead of tooth restructuring. The advantage of this method is that abutment teeth are saved (they are not ground) and a denture can be made of single teeth without the need of blocking with a bridge.


  • When dentition defects are very big and they cannot be filled with a prosthetic bridge, removable dentures must be used. In Cezardent Dental Surgery we will prepare such dentures quickly, efficiently, professionally, and at a surprisingly pleasant price.

We make various types of dentures:

  • Tissue-borne dentures ? are removable dentures resting on the gums and mounted in the oral cavity with special brackets (wires). This solution is not the best method available on the market to tackle partial defects and anodontia, primarily due to the discomfort that Patients experience during the use of such dentures. However, it is recommended for patients for whom low cost and the speed of implementation of the denture are important.

  • Cast partial dentures ? unlike tissue-borne dentures, cast partial dentures are not based on the gums, so they cause the transmission of chewing force only through own teeth and periodontium rather than through the mucosa and the bone. However, they are intended only for Patients with partial denture defects and they cannot be used in completely endentulous patients.

  • dentures on retention elements: dentures on bolts, dentures on catches, dentures on telescopes, overdentures on implants.

? prosthetic bolt (image)

? catch (image)

? telescope (image)

? overdenture (image)

The system of mounting these dentures uses special bolts and catches, which hold the denture firmly and suits the other teeth perfectly.

Implant prosthetics

  • Implant prosthetics is a field of dentistry that uses the latest methods of treating missing teeth: single, partial, and edentulism.

  • Using implants in prosthetic treatment has a huge advantage over traditional and commonly used methods. First of all, the patient does not need to use any additional adhesives as prosthetic restorations are firmly attached to metal implants inserted into the bone and simulating the root of the tooth. Secondly, they provide aesthetic appearance and function in a manner similar to natural teeth.


  • In Cezardent Dental Surgery we perform complex prosthetic treatment using implant prosthetics.

Some of the treatments we perform are:

  • crowns,

  • bridges,

  • partial dentures,

  • complete dentures, eg locator overdentures

  • Dentures based on implants: telescopes, Dolder bar, locators

Regain a healthy and natural appearance, well-being, and self-confidence.

You are invited to come for individual prosthetic consultation.