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Dental X-rays

Professional dental X-rays

Efficient and accurate radiological diagnostics

To effectively assist our patients, in Cezardent Dental Surgery we give great importance to diagnostic tests. Full knowledge of the condition allows us to shorten treatment time, to choose the most appropriate solution to the dental problem and to increase efficiency. The most important area for dental diagnostics are, obviously, x-rays, which provide the dentist with information about the patient's health condition that cannot be obtained with other diagnostic methods.

To care for the quality and accuracy of tests done, Cezardent Clinic uses professional, state-of-the-art, top-quality radiological equipment that is 100% safe to the Patient and gives results immediately after taking images.

Some of the methods offered in Cezardent Dental Surgery are:

  • Panoramic x-rays

  • Cephalograms, also called remote x-rays

  • Periapical targeted x-rays

  • Digital images of teeth in all projections

  • Images of the temporomandibular joints

  • Images of the maxillary sinuses


Cutting-edge digital radiography


To make digital tooth images, we use the very advanced TROPHY application, which generated the x-ray directly on the computer screen without the need to obtain traditional x-ray film. The use of such technology allows us to:

  • obtain immediate results avoiding the time-consuming procedure of ordering traditional images;

  • obtaining colour images which show abnormalities of the tested object much more clearly;

  • any digital processing of the image obtained, eg enlargement of the entire image or its part, performing measurements of the distance between specified points of a photo and measurements of optical density of the tissues;

  • minimising radiation dose up to 9 times compared to traditional X-rays, and thus increasing the safety of the patient; this allows for repeated X-rays, which is especially important in the case of endodontic and implantological procedures;

  • collecting and storing data and the history of the x-rays made for each Patient.

Additionally, Cezardent Dental Surgery owns a high-tech dental panoramic tomograph by GENDEX with a cephalometric attachment, so that high-quality panoramic x-rays, conventional x-rays, images of the temporomandibular joints or of the maxillary sinuses and cephalograms can be made in 10?15 minutes.   

Panoramic x-rays


A panoramic x-ray is a radiographic image presenting full dentition with the surrounding anatomical structures: the maxilla, sinuses etc. This method provides an overall image in one view, which is necessary for planning treatment already on the first visit, since the following is presented: condition of teeth, bones, inflammations, diseases of the periodontium and the maxillary sinuses. It is a commonly used diagnostic method increasing the efficiency of treatment and its effects.

Advantages of panoramic images:

  • Patient's comfort,

  • images can be made in Patients who has difficulty opening the mouth,

  • transparency and clarity of the image obtained for the Patient.  


Remote x-rays


Remote x-rays, also called cephalograms, are diagnostic tests used mainly during orthodontic treatment. It is a type of lateral skull images performed from a considerable distance from the Patient (about 2 meters). The resulting image helps dentists make a thorough analysis of bones of the face, skull, teeth and jaws, and detect orthodontic or developmental abnormalities. Performance of the test before and after the procedure allows to evaluate in detail the effects of treatment.

Periapical targeted x-rays 

Periapical targeted x-rays are made to obtain the most precise image presenting the state on one, two, or three teeth (provided they are located next to each other). This radiological test is most often recommended during root canal treatment or tooth extraction. It is highly precise and enables the analysis of tissue condition and the evaluation of and root canal length and location.

Choose cutting-edge technology and safety ? have x-rays made at Cezardent!