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Professional and advanced orthodontics

Straight, healthy, and beautiful teeth for life

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of malocclusion and its task is to restore teeth to their proper layout and appearance. A nice smile and straight teeth improve well-being, increase self-esteem, and make us more confident. Orthodontic treatment brings not only visual effects but also restores the proper functioning of the oral cavity: it improves chewing function and helps the patient maintain good hygiene.


In Cezardent Dental Surgery the dentist will conduct a comprehensive consultation and help the Patient select the ideal treatment tailored to their needs, occlusion, age, or budget. We use both removable and permanent retainers ? make an appointment with us and take care of your teeth.


Removable retainers

Orthodontic removable retainers are primarily used in younger Patients, whose bite is still developing. The purpose of this early orthodontic treatment in children is to stimulate and guide the growth of the facial skeleton in the right, preferred direction. Used at a right time, removable retainers can make room for erupting permanent teeth, and thus eliminate the future need to remove teeth and they can protect the little patient from severe malocclusion. They are recommended especially in patients who have: cross bite, retrognathism, or crowding of teeth.


A removable retainer can be removed from the oral cavity and replaced by the Patient any time. To achieve the correct result of treatment, Cezardent orthodontists recommend using it both during the day (at least 5 hours) and overnight.


The advantages of using a removable retainer:

  • You do not have to wear it all the time,

  • It is less expensive than a permanent retainer,

  • It helps correct the bite at an early age,

  • This allows, in some cases, to avoid wearing a permanent retainer in the future,

  • It helps avoid the removal of permanent teeth in the future,

  • It gives a beautiful smile of a child,

  • It minimises the risk of diseases of the gums and teeth.


Permanent retainers

A permanent retainer is intended for Patients of verious ages. It consists of special locks glued to the teeth, arches fixed to the locks, and rings or tubes mounted on the molars; it is applied by an orthodontist during a visit at the surgery and worn permanently for a specified time.

Depending on the Patient's expectations and doctor's recommendations, metal or aesthetic, ie half-transparent, retainers are used.


The advantages of using a permanent retainer:


  • It provides efficacy and effects since it is permanently attached,

  • A beautiful aesthetic result: straight and healthy teeth,

  • It minimises the risk of diseases of the gums and teeth.


Stages of orthodontic treatment ? permanent retainer

  • Step one ? consultation and diagnosis


In the first stage of treatment, Cezardent experts analyse carefully the state of Patient's bite, get to know their expectations, conduct a thorough examination and detailed diagnostics (x-rays, diagnostic impressions) and present possible options for treatment.


  • Step two ? applying the retainer


After determining the treatment plan and choosing the right retainer, the orthodontist applies the retainer to the teeth


  • Step three ? control visits


Depending on the treated defect and the adopted method of treatment, the patient should visit their orthodontist for control every 4?6 weeks.


  • Step three ? removing the retainer


Once appropriate results have been obtained, the dentist removes the retainer and the Patient can enjoy a beautiful smile.


  • Step four ? retention


The retention stage consists in maintaining the effects of the orthodontic treatment by wearing a special cap on the teeth.


Orthodontic treatment ? benefits:

  • Healthy teeth,

  • Beautiful smile,

  • Aesthetic appearance of the teeth and face,

  • Preventing problems with the temporo-mandibular joint,

  • Reducing the risk of gum disease.