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Dental Surgery - Świnoujście

Dental Surgery - Świnoujście


The professional team of Cezardent dentists


Cezardent is a multidisciplinary dental surgery in Świnoujście, which guarantees advanced diagnostics and top level treatment. A family team of specialists combining years of experience and highest professional qualifications provides comprehensive care.


Specialists of Cezardent Dental Surgery



dr Cezary Kabaciński ? general dental surgeon


Member-founder of the Polish Endodontic Association and member of the Polish Implantological Association, with the recommendation of the Polish Endodontic Association (PTE), the Polish Implantological Association (PSI) and Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Orale Implantologie DGOI as well as fellowship specialty in the field of implantology at the New York University College of Dentistry (ICOI).




  • 25 years of experience in endodontic microsurgery and implantology confirmed by numerous certificates and licenses,

  • FELLOWSHIP exam in implantological skills given by ICOI, DGOI, and PSI,

  • was one of the first persons in Poland to begin using an operating microscope and nickel-titanium instruments in microsurgical treatment, endodontics, prosthetics, periodontics, and conservative dentistry,

  • uses a camera in his work to record microsurgical procedures in computer technology, creating unique image and teaching materials.



Kamila Kabacińska, bachelor of dentistry


PhD student at the K. Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznań (PhD thesis under the supervisions of prof. E. Szponar). Specialises in orthodontics and the conservative treatment of children and youths. Some procedures are done under inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide, ie  laughing gas.




  • from the beginning of her career she perfected her skills with the best professionals and teachers,

  • she completed her postgraduate internship under the direction of dr Krystian Owczarczak at the renowned Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic PRO-ESTHETICA in Warsaw,

  • completed a three-month orthodontic course at the Aarhus Universitet in Denmark,

  • in 2012 she completed a course at the Biomechanical Summer School in Arezzo.






Cezardent specialists invest the the health of their Patients


To provide Patients with dental care at the highest level, Cezardent specialists systematically expand their knowledge, learn new skills and increase their qualifications participating in conferences, courses, and advances training.



Get the best care for your health


Come to Cezardent Dental Surgery for a beautiful and healthy smile